Obtain and Use MARC records

MARC records for Springer eBooks & SpringerProtocols

Springer MARC records and enhanced OCLC MARC records are available for free for all eBook customers. Libraries using MARC records find their Springer eBook usage may be boosted by as much as 50%.

Information on how to use MARC records, including our MARC record downloader tool, can be found on http://www.springer.com/MARC

Contact Us by email: MARC@Springer.com or submit your inquiry here.

Springer MARC records & eBook title lists
OCLC MARC records

MARC implementation guide
Download the free Springer MARC records, Springer Protocols MARCs and eBook title lists - updated monthly
Download the free OCLC MARC records available through OCLC WORLDCAT service
How to implement Springer MARC records in your catalog
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