How do MyCopy books and standard Springer books differentiate?

The design and color of a MyCopy book cover correspond with Springer’s regular print books and eBooks. In future Springer will brand MyCopy books with a white band at the bottom edge of the front and back cover. This band will incorporate the MyCopy wordmark and the SpringerLink logo. The MyCopy visual (Logo and wordmark) is displayed on the book spine for books published after June 2009.

Unlike Springer’s conventional print books, MyCopy books are always softcover books. The inner work of a MyCopy book is black and white. Hence, all colored parts and illustrations in the interior of regular Springer books and eBooks are monochrome in the MyCopy book. The MyCopy front matter will indicate that MyCopy books:

  • are for individual use only
  • can be cited with the DOI of the corresponding eBook
  • are offered to the library patron on cooperation with his or her library and that the book is made available to him, because the library bought at least one Springer eBook package.

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