COUNTER release 4 reports details

Our COUNTER 4 data should be available one or a few days after the end of each month. We are planning to provide C4 reports until the end of the year 2020.


Book downloads in BR2 (Book chapter downloads per month)

Downloading a complete book adds a count for each chapter in the book to the BR2 report – e.g. if you download a book with 10 chapters it adds 10 to the chapter download count.


We consulted with COUNTER to find the most appropriate way to track the usage of whole book downloads. We were told that BR1 is intended for publishers who only offer downloads of whole books, with no option to download individual chapters. BR2 is intended for publishers who only offer chapter downloads. We offer both options. Since users have the option to download individual chapters we interpret a book download as an intention to review all the book's chapters. Therefore, in consultation with COUNTER, we chose to add all chapters in a downloaded book to the BR2 report.


The total number of downloads can be bigger than the sum of HTML + PDF

Historically patrons were able to read articles and chapters in other formats than HTML and PDF. These historic formats include "LookInside" and are all reported as "Other".

Journal usage data

ReportSpringerLinknature.comScientific American
JR1: Journal article downloads by month.AvailableAvailableAvailable
JR1 GOA: Gold Open Access downloads by month.AvailableAvailableAvailable
JR2: Journal article denials by month.AvailableAvailableAvailable
JR5: journal article downloads by Year of Publication.AvailableAvailableAvailable

Book usage data

BR2: Book chapter downloads by month.Available
BR2: Springer Protocols book chapter downloads by month.Available
BR3: Book chapter denials by month.Available
BR3: Springer Protocols book chapter denials by month.Available

Database usage data

DB1: Search, ResultClick, ResultViewAvailableAvailableAvailable
DB2: DenialsAvailableAvailableAvailable

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