Calibration Session 6.5.2020

  • Magic word token - is not considered as the most trusted mode of access there is a possibility that it can be shared (e.g in social media). 
    • General rule as normal level is 50 to 100 users.
    • Ask the customer the specific number of users should be given access.
    • If it exceeds the limit, perhaps higher than 150, ask approval from Liz.
    • OS SPi to create a process document where this new rule will be incorporated.
      • Already requested to TQA team


  • Number of Athens or Shibboleth allowed in one account
    • Springer - 1 per BP
    • Nature - multiple on a single BP


  • Read while you wait
    • What if the eBook version is not yet available and the customer bought print, does this mean customer will not be able to see it in his bookshelf?
      • As per Mike Buckland - this could be handled by CS team since this is about eBook shelf. Liz to check with CS team



  • How to check for multiple accounts in librarian portal - ex. 4568716
    • When spoofing BPID 3000953043, noticed that admin is managing 2 BPIDs.
    • Customer/LM can't locate CoD unit balance in Librarian portal because the CoD account is in the 2nd account.


  • Training Area: Instead of raising to IT, agent could have spoof the customer and look at the 2nd BP account for the balance units.


  • Set up token/magic word - 4561882
    • Helen has covered this topic on 3 Apr 2020 calibration session.
    • For this case, the Account Support Manager has provided the magic word so agent should just input the magic word when generating the token.
    • Training Area: 
      • Agent has mistaken that magic word would be system generated and the token was not supplied as an URL


  • SpringerLink Living reference material numbers 
    • Each eBook packages have their own corresponding living reference material numbers.
    • If you receive claims or request where in the customer  is claiming for access or need to create temporary access for Living reference depending on the eBook package activated under the customer’s contract, this is the table to use.


    • Springer Reference is sometimes activated together with the eBook package under MPS license contract, but due to reason that our colleague did not thick in the box in CRM, LI team weren’t able to create access for this.
       OS agent will need to forward the ticket to LI for checking after you created temp contract.
    • If customer will claim for Living Reference - this will only be accessible under Springer Reference Packages.
      • If no active contract - Temporary access should be created and check with LI/Sales (depending on the requestor)
    • Non working reference package - eBook package with corresponding living references. Helen will give a documentation after the call. 
    • Change workflow in LI to tick if living reference is included.
    • Liz to clarify with LI


  • Mediated Access 
    • Admin fee nature COD - no target is available in the contract and its normal. Helen to check what could the possible reason.
    • For mediated access, BPID should not contain IP but UN/PW only.

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