Calibration Session 6.3.2020

  • What is the material to be used for nature archive access?

Answer: No archive access should be requested through SAP CRM Trial.


  • Individual Nature duplicate email address

It can be transferred in MPS unlike Springer individual account who reads duplicate.

This causes more duplicate accounts in the system.

Answer: If duplicate is found, account just needs to be merged.


  • Access of Individual duplicate account

Once duplicate accounts are merged, is it necessary to update nature contract’s end user to Personal HOA? 

Answer: Yes, end user of an individual nature contract should be the personal HOA. 

After merging duplicate accounts, agent has to ensure that end user is updated.


  • Institutional nature accounts merged 

Since nature access works only if the end user is HOA, should we review all the contracts of customer and make sure that end user is updated to the new HOA?

Answer: If the end user of a nature institutional contract is a member of HOA/Inferior account, the main HOA will still gain access to it. No need to change the end user.


  • Login-as for (institution and individual)

Is this something that we can expect in the future?

Answer: For individual account, we can check up to the ‘subscriptions’ part. This is where we based customer access if the subscription reflected then access is working for him/her.

                For institutional account, we can check access through the IP Spoofer and see if access is available.


  • Nature debug Link

Does the debug Link work for nature: still works?

Or should we just use

Answer: Nature debug link ( works

The customer needs to be in platform or at least have visited the site before they paste this link to be able to capture the data needed otherwise, it will say ‘invalid’.


  • Nature individual transfer of contract delay

Subscriptions not displayed immediately.

Should we advise customer to check the access within the day instead?

Answer: The system only transfers data once a day - every 3PM UK time. It would be safe to say, access will be available within the day if not yet reflected after manually     transferring it.


  • Temporary Access

If an access claim is from an ordinary customer not admin/sales – should we still create temporary access?

Answer: No, we will not create temporary access if an access claim is from a normal customer not admin/sales. After finding that their institution has no subscription we will inform the customer 

and advise him to contact his librarian for more information.


  • Other team contacts customer directly copying OS

Can we set the ticket to ‘close’ even if the concern is not yet resolved?

Status Closed and not Resolved so no survey will be sent to customer while query is being processed.

Answer: No, we can set the ticket to ON HOLD (1 week FUDD) and add private note stating that query is still being handled by our colleagues.

We can only set the ticket to Resolved once all queries are addressed. 


  • New Templates to be added as canned response

      TEMPLATE: 'Clear your cache' instruction for customers: NEW PROCESS

      TEMPLATE: Resolving a ticket after hand-off to another team: NEW PROCESS

                Answer: SPI TLs and Liz have no rights in adding canned responses for everyone. Liz has asked Jonpaul to add the new templates.

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