Calibration 3.4.2020

o   Co Branding: 

      • Co branding in Nature. No setting in librarian Portal does it reads in MPS?
        • co branding text reads from SAP MPS.
        • Springerlink Co branding can be set in Librarian Portal
    •  Shibboleth: 
      • Removed shibboleth URL deleted in MPS but still displaying in look up. Any delays? 
        •  There is no delay when Helen tested. We need to manually push the data from MPS to SOS/SNE via BP transfer ZVS_OS_BP_TRANS - Online-Service -> Transfer -> Businesspartner 
    •  Magic Word: 
      • Magic Word - Can we generate and share to users or admin can do this? 
        • We can generate this via spoofing tool and not the admin/librarian:
        • Use Toggle Instructions for steps on how to use this
        • Admin can only share this to the customer but they cannot generate this in Librarian Portal 
        • For Magic Word we recommend to use password generator for security
        • Search for the BP if already existed and create new if not on the list
        • Available for Nature and Scientific American and Log-in link will be available in spoofing tool
        • Limits can be set and can be used simultaneously. Once limit has been reached, other users cannot use/access this anymore
        • It has no Expiration. Possible to set an expiration? – Helen will check
        • Downloads will be counted to their usage via BP id being set
    •  Trial Request from Sales: 
      • Do we really need to get the title list in SAP CRM? Isn’t there a way to include this in SAP CRM Trial request itself for faster processing for OS? 
        •  Sales are sending trial request but not attaching the title list
        • This makes some delay in processing the request and may affect email handling as SAP CRM takes time to load
        • Changes in SapCrm for the attachment feature will be added – not yet done and Liz to check
        • Helen will add it in a list if possible to automate. Making sure that Sales are aware that trial would not be setup if no attachments – Liz will communicate
        • Marichu sends sample tickets to Liz and the issues happening on the trial request

    • Account Details in SAP CRM 
      • Concern raised by Jessy Tan to use SAP CRM in checking the correct LM and BP information and not anymore escalating to 2nd level
      • SPi TL's to check if this is available for all agents and correct business roles is set
      • Information in SAP MPS does not match with SAP CRM - middle ware issue and needs to be reprted to SAP CRM team
      • OS Spi do not need to modify or maintain any information in SAP CRM  
    • Access Claims for China: 
      • If customer writes to directly, SPi will fix the issue and confirm
      • If the customer comes back to us and asks why access was lost initially, then SPi should escalate to Sales colleagues (ie whoever mentioned in the case*) to handle.
      • Note: If nobody (no sales) was mentioned, OS SPI can switched the ticket to OS_Rest_APAC (ie Jessie’s team) and they can help forward to Sales colleague involved.
    • Country Blocked (Japan and Korea)
      • There is a Jira Ticket: 26432 being set but was still open
      • SPi Trial or complimentary contracts will be automatically have a country blocked
      • Needs to be manually removed for online access be granted

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