Calibrations Session 5.6.2020

  • Delay in IP update (Addition) from MPS to SNE. 
  • Agents observed that after they manually transferred the account – IPs don’t reflect in the IP lookup (
  • When tested by Helen – IP reflected without issue. It showed that this case doesn’t happen to all accounts.
  • This may be connected to spoofing tool downtime.
  • If this happens again, Team must inform Helen to be able to check and replicate the issue.


  • Request for IP addition warning or pop-up. 
  • Aside from the manual IP overlap checking, SPi asked assistance from colleagues if it is possible for the system to put up a warning if there is overlap found.


  • Individual Nature subscription in MPS not reflected
  • Agents handling access claims are finding nature contracts not reflecting in Nature.
  • Contracts need to be manually re-transferred to push data from MPS to Nature site.
  • This was also experienced by 2nd level teams.
  • Helen to check with Eric for contracts having no 1st and last transfer dates.


  • Ex Libris queries from SPi-IT



  • Lookups SAML SSO in spoofing tool
  • New way of searching using Entity ID (Shibboleth URL)
  • Helen will provide more details about this.


  • Account Deletion
  • Steps and contacts for account deletion may vary on which system is involved.
  • Updated workflow and contacts for account deletion must be followed.
  • Not to contact Burkhard Freitag and Markus Schilde.
  • For sample cases that needs to be checked, Hana and Rose can send it to Michael Buckland.

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