SpringerLink IP addresses

SpringerLink makes use of a content distribution network (provided by fastly) that is made up of tens of thousands of servers distributed throughout the world. Using the standard protocols that power the internet, the server that is closest to your location will be chosen to serve your request, thereby ensuring that you receive the fastest possible experience when accessing SpringerLink and Springer for R&D. 

If you need identifying information for SpringerLink in order to allow access through a firewall, the best option is to use a firewall solution that allows for allowlisting domain names.  We recommend adding the variations shown below to your allowlist table:

URL http://link.springer.com
HJ www.link.springer.com
HJ rd.springer.com
HJ link.springer.com
HJ download.springer.com
DJ SpringerLink.com
DJ springer.com
DJ sprn.gr

If managing an allowlist, or safelist, by domain is not possible please refer to the Fastly public IP list.

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