Export a citation?

Users are able to export citations for articles, chapters, reference work entries and protocols in: .RIS/.ENW/.BIB formats. We do not currently offer the export citation functionality at book level, but if you navigate to a chapter level you will then be able to export the chapters citation. It is something we may offer in the future; however, we don't have any firm plans for it at this time.

Our citations files are computer generated from our published xml. They are offered as an aid to author's writing, but they may require editing in a text editor or reference manager application to suit the individual purpose of the author.

  • Please go to the article / chapter abstract page you will find a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen so you can proceed with exporting a citation:

  • Click on the Cite Paper button from the drop down menu and these options appear:

Note: It is not currently possible to export multiple entries to EndNote. We can only export one entry to EndNote at a time and not on the result pages. You will need to open each page to export each EndNote entry.

  • Click on How to Cite and you will see the information that needs to be included with your citation:

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