MARC Record Corrections & Retractions

To improve the data consistency between SpringerLink and Springer MARC records Springer has updated subject collection, language and copyright year data fields for eBooks (both SBA and contemporary collections). This resulted in:
changes of MARC records released on March 1st 2014, and
the number of titles per subject collection on SpringerLink. For more information and to access the clean-ups file please see here:


The MARC download tool has been enhanced with the option to download lists that include deleted MARC records (= Retractions). Deleted records are those that were once included on the downloader but have since been removed because the content is not available on SpringerLink. The functionality can be selected under “Format/Deleted MARC Records” and works like the usual selection of records and titles lists. This functionality replaces the retraction excel lists published here the year before.

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