Authors of Papers/Chapters

1. Apply on a Call-for-Papers

Once you decide to submit on a Call-for-Papers/Invitation, you follow the link to the EquinOCS submission system provided to you. You will be guided to the EquinOCS Login page, which will be open in your browser. Click on the button “Submit now”. This will guide you directly to the submission process.


  • If you already have an account at EquinOCS you will be asked to Login. After Login you will be guided to the start page where you can start with your 2. Initial Submission
  • If you yet do not have an account at EquinOCS, please follow the registration process. Once your Account has been created an email will be sent to the address you’ve stated in the registration process. Please follow the instructions in this mail to activate your account and start your 2. Initial Submission

2. Initial Submission

Once logged in, you can either submit directly from the EquinOCS start screen via clicking on “Submit now”

or within the “Submit section” via clicking on “Submit New Paper”

In both cases the submission dialogue opens. Here you can insert the title, the abstract, the keywords, the other authors and upload a PDF of the paper.

After accepting our terms and conditions and our privacy policy you are able to Submit the Paper/Chapter. 

You are able to see all your submitted papers for one project in the "Submit" window, including their current status.


3. Get feedback from reviewers

Once the paper decision is made by PC Chair/Volume Editor, you will automatically notified by email. This is an example of the paper acceptance notification:

This is an example of the paper rejection notification:

This is an example of the paper “need for revision” notification:

The notifications are also visible in the system in the "Notifications" window.

All details about paper status are displayed in the window “Submit”.

Based on the paper status, the different actions can be done on the paper:

  • View Reports and Final Submission for accepted papers, 
  • View Reports for Rejected papers, 
  • View Reports and Submit New Edited Version for papers with Revision status.

4. Submit the Revised version

You can Submit the Revised version in the "Submit" window.

You can submit a new Edited Version of the article only for articles with the "Revision" status.

5. Get the Final decision

Once the final decision is made, the corresponding authors receive the notification by email. This is an example of the paper acceptance notification:

This is an example of the paper rejection notification:

The notifications are also visible in the system in the "Notifications" window:

The authors can see the paper status, details of the reviews and, if the article is accepted, upload the Final version of the paper.

Detailed information on the Final Submission can be found in the next section.

6. Submit the Final version - for accepted papers

You can submit Final version of your accepted paper in the “Submit'' window

by clicking on “Submit Final Version”.

At the moment of Final Upload, you can check and make changes to the paper details such as title, author names, keywords, etc.

You can upload the Final PDF and Source Files in zip archive format. These documents are required to produce the  volume.

As an Author, you are responsible for clearing the necessary rights for including any third party content in your paper, you must confirm if your manuscript contains any third party content. If the material contains third party content, the necessary permissions should be obtained by you and available upon request by the Publisher. Please refer to Springer Nature Guide to Copyright and Permissions for further guidance.

Click on ‘’Show the Licence To Publish’’ form to select the appropriate licence type:

When you can choose one of the categories to determine which license to publish applies for your paper and click proceed:

After you accept the License to Publish Agreement, please accept the Terms and Conditions to finish the final submission. Once the final upload process is complete, you can return to the ''Submit'' page and see the status changes for the paper. You can upload new final versions several times if necessary.

All authors of the paper receive the confirmation of the Final Upload by email.

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