Access institutional online subscriptions

To set up online access the institute administrator or librarian is required to:

Buy a subscription:
Buy a subscription and submit a signed Site License Agreement (if applicable). To learn more about subscribing, please visit our Springer Nature Librarians page.

Confirming the IP addresses:
Confirm institution's IP addresses that will need access (note that there is unlimited concurrent access for one geographical site.)

Customers who have previously registered an online subscription:

If you have registered a previous online institutional subscription, you need to associate your new subscription(s) with your existing account. You do not have to register again. Please go to our Springer Nature Admin portal login page.

Customers registering an online institutional subscription for the first time:

Set up your online administration account and associate your subscriptions by following these steps:

- Enter the customer ID.
- Enter the requested details and select an administrative username and password (this is needed to amend the account details only).
- Enter your institute's IP ranges or the IP address of the proxy server.

Additional details can be found on our IP address details article.

You will then be presented with a summary of your online account.

Please Note: If you have purchased a license to more than one journal, you will receive one email for each journal displaying the journal name and License ID number. If there is more than one license number, or if the licenses arrive at separate times, you may need to claim online access to these journals separately. After receiving the welcome email for each new title, "View your account", enter your username and password, and click on "Add additional online licenses" to claim online access for your titles.

Your users will now have seamless access to the journal without need for a password. They will simply need to click on the articles to view them.

Users can only view articles from computers within the IP range you have set.

As the administrator you will also have access to monthly usage statistics for your institution, which will be archived online in your account.

Please email online service if you have any further queries about how to set up online access.

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