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Single articles on nature.com are available to purchase or rent on the ReadCube platform. It is not possible to purchase them directly from the nature.com webshop or by phoning Springer Nature.

If you navigate to the article you wish to purchase, you will see the article Abstract and below that, the Access options available i.e. rent/buy the article or subscribe (see example screenshot below):

Buy or rent clickable option on the left hand side of the page. Subscribe clickable button to use if would prefer a subscription to the Journals full selected content

If you wish to proceed, click on the "Rent or Buy" option and you will be taken to the ReadCube site where you will be presented with a preview of the article and the available purchase formats. If you click on one of the options, further details will appear beneath. You can then proceed to the ReadCube Checkout when you are ready.

ReadCube buying options: 1st Rent for 48 hours, 2nd Buy Cloud Access and 3rd Buy PDF. Then Checkout after selecting chosen purchase option.

Please note that the ReadCube Checkout page may not appear as a https site, due to the checkout frame embedded in a parent page. Please be assured that all purchases with ReadCube use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Further details are available on ReadCube Support

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