Cancel a paid subscription to any Nature Portfolio journal

Cancelling an annual subscription to any Nature Portfolio journal: 

Orders are regarded as firm and after the first issue of the volume has been dispatched subscription payments are not refundable. Taking out an annual subscription commits you for a minimum of one year. 

And, in most cases no cancellations or refund requests for a journal will be accepted from the current year 14 days after a subscription has been entered and payment has been processed. 

When purchasing a subscription which is sold as a ‘print plus on-line’ option, it is not possible to cancel or suppress either the print or the on-line part of the subscription, as it is sold as a package. 


If you would like to cancel a paid Nature Portfolio paid subscription, please complete the details on our cancel a Nature Portfolio journal subscription form so we can process your request. Completing the cancel request form will raise a Customer Service ticket and the team will use that ticket to provide you with updates on your request on the email address you provided.


If you have a complimentary / free print subscription, please refer to the information found on our Cancel Complimentary Subscription page. 


If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team Please provide your Customer ID, your name and delivery address. If you would rather call your local Customer Service team, their phone numbers are available on our Contact Customer Support page.

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