How can I update my payment card details for Nature+ subscription

Please never send us your card details, we have no need for that information.

You can update your payment card details within your Shopify account which you can access via


Once logged into your account, go to the 'MyAccount' page and click on the Nature+ account overview link (example below).



[NOTE: sometimes this takes two attempts since there is a bug which we are working to resolve.]

From your Nature+ account, select Manage Subscriptions    





Then go to the Payment Methods tab and click Edit payment Method



Click Send update email 

The email you will receive should look like the below, and you can then use the link to update your payment details.

If you are having any difficulty and would like advice or support, please email Customer Service and use Nature+ in the header of your email, and give us many details or screenshots as you can and we will assist you.

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