SNAPP login issues

If you are facing login issues with our submission system (SNAPP) as a the submitting author and you have not forgotten your password, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

1. Corresponding and Submitting Authors are not the same person

Please note that the amendment and revision pages in our submission system are only available to the Submitting Author. Please make sure you as the Submitting Author are logging in with the initial email address.

If you want to change the Submitting Author, please contact the journal directly by locating the respective journal contact (see last paragraph). 

2. Submitting Author uses different email addresses

Please note that the email address used during the submission has to be used throughout the whole process. If you want to change the email address, please refer to Change email address in SNAPP.

3. An outdated link was clicked

Please make sure that you are accessing the correct link from the most recent email received by our submission system. Links to previous stages will not be accessible anymore.

If the login issue persists or you want to change the submitting author, please contact the journal directly: 

How to locate publishing contacts for Springer journals

How to locate publishing contacts for all Nature journals

How to locate publishing contacts for all BMC journals

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