What is a browser plugin, extension or add-on?

A plug-in is a piece of software that manages Internet content that a browser is not designed to process. Graphics in .gif or .jpg-format are usually automatically displayed by the browser. For other file types you may need a special plug-in (also known as add-ons or extensions). The most common plug-ins and applications used on nature.com are listed below and are currently available free.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for displaying *.pdf files
Adobe Flash Video for streaming videos in flv format
Apple QuickTime Player for streaming videos in qt-format
Winamp for streaming MPEG3 sound files
Java enables applets on Web sites to be run within a browser on the desktop
Windows Media Player - Firefox Plug-in, Chrome Plug-in, Opera Plug-in, Safari Plug-in for streaming WMV and WMA files
Microsoft Silverlight


Tip: it is important to keep your plugins up-to-date. A security vulnerability in an installed plugin could compromise your privacy. Out-of-date plugins may also impair the performance of your browser.

Check your browser plugins are up-to-date:
Internet Explorer

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