Print issue delivery stopped for renewed subscription

If you have renewed a subscription recently, payment may have been delayed resulting in a lapse in delivery. Renewal invoices are generated 13 weeks prior to the expiry issue to ensure that payment are processed in good time to avoid any gaps in delivery, however delays may sometimes occur.

Back issues on renewals are quite common, this does not mean that you will not receive these issues - they may be in transit to you already.

We label issues two weeks in advance, so even if you feel you have renewed in time, because of the labeling system, the label run may have been ‘missed’ and will therefore be entered for the following week's dispatch.

Providing the details listed below will help us investigate your renewal:

• Your Customer ID and full delivery address to where issues should be delivered.
• Date and amount of your last payment.

Paid by credit card: 
Has the credit/debit card been charged? If yes, please provide the transaction details.

Due to security reasons, we cannot accept credit card numbers via email. Please do not submit credit card numbers in this manner.

Paid by cheque: 
Has the cheque been cashed? If yes, please confirm the cheque number and the date that it was cleared by your bank.

Note: Renewals via are automatically charged when you place the order.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team. If you would rather call your local Customer Service team, their phone numbers are on our Contact Customer Support page.

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