Automatic & Recurring Payment FAQ's

What are auto payments?

The Automatic Payment option allows a subscriber to register their payment card at the time of purchase so that future renewals will be charged to that card.

Where can auto payments be applied?

On any annual subscription for Nature, Springer Journals and Palgrave Journals.

How do I register for auto payment?

During the payment process of placing an order as you enter your card details, you will see an option box and you can select to opt into the auto payment option.

Once selected the card will be registered for any subsequent renewals to that Journal only.

Please do not send your card details directly to customer service as we are unable to store them, and all card details are held on an encrypted secure Worldpay system.


Payment selection options available when placing an order; includes one time payment or auto payment



Do I have to do each subscription separately?

Yes, each subscription would need to be registered for automatic payments individually. This means you will also retain the option to have payments taken automatically when your subscriptions renew or pay directly when the next period is due.

How will I know an automatic payment is due?

2 weeks prior to the end of the current subscription we will notify you that the contract is due to expire soon and remind you that the auto renewal option was selected at the time of purchase.

Then, 1 week prior to the expiry date we will attempt to take the payment.

What happens if the payment does not go through?

If we are unable to initiate a payment attempt for any reason i.e. the card has expired, we will notify you via email with a new payment link where you can amend the card details.

If the 1st attempt to collect payment is not successful we will try 2 more times, if the subsequent requests fail, we will then send you a payment link (active for 7 days) so that you can update the card.

If after the 3rd attempt, we have been unable to charge the registered card and no new card information has been provided then we will suspend the subscription.

How do I cancel the auto payment option?

You can cancel the auto payment for renewals at any time by contacting

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