Site License Access Issue Help

If you are being asked to pay for content that you believe you should be able to access through your institutional license, please take the following steps to obtain information needed to help us troubleshoot:

After attempting to access the content again, please obtain screenshots of the error message or paywall along with the results of clicking on the appropriate debug link below:

The debug results will give us the information needed to determine if the cause of the issue is your access setup.

Springer Content:

Nature Content:

Stored Cache/Cookies: Cache and cookies stored in your web browser can occasionally interfere with access (especially if you have previously visited SpringerLink and accessed a different account). Please try clearing these and restart your browser before trying again.

Institutional Proxy Access: If an institutional user is being asked to pay for content that you believe your institutional subscribes to while being within the institution's proxy authentication, then please click on the Debug links from above after the users have authenticated themselves with the institution's proxy service. This will tell us if there is a discrepancy between the proxy IP address being recognized and the proxy IP address we have in our records.

If you require further assistance please complete the details on the Institutional Online Access Issues – Contact Form. If you would rather email or phone the Online Service Team, their contact information is available in our Contact Us page.

If you have access to your site license administration account, then you also have the option of logging in to verify that the IP addresses shown on the debug results are up to date and included in your account.

Refer to details about maintaining IP ranges if you need additional help.

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