Set up and troubleshoot KBART Automation

Via KBART Automation ("Automatic holdings", "Automated title list updates", "Automatic collection loading", "AutoLoading") we can automatically update your holdings in several library systems:

After setting up the integration, no more actions are needed on your part. This replaces the manual workflow.

If an issue occurs, the following guides may help you solve it. Contact customer support if you need assistance.


KBART Automation set-up help

Get your institution’s token

Go to the Content page of the Librarian Portal. If you administer several organisations, make sure the correct one is selected in the toggle at the top of the page. The token is listed under the heading "Automated title list updates / automatic collection loading”.

Use the guides from Ex Libris and OCLC


If no holdings appear in Alma/SFX/360 Core/Intota/WorldShare/TDNet/Ovid

Check the organisation

If you administer more than one organisation, make sure that the correct organisation is selected in the header of the Content page of the Librarian Portal.

Check the token

Make sure that the token is entered in Alma/SFX/360 Core/Intota/WorldShare/TDNet/Ovid exactly as on the Content page of the Librarian Portal. We recommend that you copy and paste the token rather than type it in manually.

Alma institution token issue

Due to a bug in Alma – which will soon be corrected by Ex Libris – some institution tokens will not work. If your institution token contains characters other than 0-9 and a-z, contact customer support and ask for a new Ex Libris KBART Automation institution token to be generated. Please follow the other troubleshooting steps before you ask for the new institution token as most issues are not caused by this Alma bug.


If some holdings are missing in Alma/SFX/360 Core/Intota/WorldShare/TDNet/Ovid

Check the holdings lists

Go to the Content page of the Librarian Portal and download the files called "Available Journals" and/or "Available eBooks". The content of these files is exactly what is used by Alma/SFX/360 Core/Intota/WorldShare/TDNet/Ovid for the KBART Automation. Look in the files for the missing content.


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